Below are some projects we've been working on.
With PPE, a scaled-down crew, and keeping to a safe distance, we've been able to have in-person video/photoshoots. 
The Salvation Army
Chelsea, MA. was hit hard by COVID-19, putting not only the community at risk but also the The Salvation Army volunteers/staff. We went to document their efforts to help the community alongside civil servants and the national guard.
The Ventilator Project
With limited crew, time, and access we created video and photo content for this project aimed at producing a smaller, cheaper, and more effective ventilator specifically for the COVID-19 patient.
Stop & Shop
Working with Likable and Sorrentino Media, we filmed a two camera cooking show with a nutritionist at her home for Stop & Shop. To keep safe distancing practices, the creative directors and producers joined us via Zoom.
Virtual Presentations
Since most live events are cancelled, we've turned those "IRL" presentations into virtual ones. For Nasuni, we used a virtual studio to show the speaker and animated the deck.
The Jimmy Fund was using Zoom in the past to run and stream their Bingo Nights. We have been working with them to create a more engaging fundraising event. Join us July 17th with Jerry from Ben & Jerrys's to raise money for a fantastic cause.
Pre-record Livestream
Most seniors across the US couldn't have a physical graduation this year. We produced a pre-recorded live stream event for the Boston Latin School. It was a successful collaboration between faculty, students, and our team.
Embedded Stories
The class of 2020 had a tough year, and we wanted to find out how students are working through everything. The BLSA was also able to use this as a fundraising opportunity with embedded links to their donation site. Meet Ruth and Ross and see why Alumn should donate to the BLSA.
Since live networking events are out, we have hosted a series of webinars and significant zoom events. This one above is one with the BABCNE, but we have also hosted two seperate Alumni meetups, and collaborated on an international mayday meetup with GABC-Boston
Sales Messages
We have worked with sales teams during the Pandemic to get messages out to their clients or potential customers. Our process has changed over time, but the goal is the same: to make it easy for the salesperson to make the recording, get the best quality video/audio possible, and have a quick turn around. We also installed a teleprompter on the website to help with this process.
On-location Remote Producers
Because the client, directors, and producers couldn't be at the shoot, they joined us remotely. We then sent a feed from the two cameras to review in real-time. One feed through zoom and the other through live stream.
In-Studio with Remote Director
With our client based in L.A., we set up a live stream so that they could see the camera footage in real-time. A monitor was then placed on a lightstand at eye level so that the director could interview the interviewee via Zoom.
For the BLS graduation video, we were able to have the Headmaster, Valedictorian, and Class President, recite their commencement speeches in our studio at a safe distance. We then combined this with student-submitted video and photography. Becky also took the video submitted of the chorus and band to create a multi-video performance. As noted above, it was a great collaboration by all!
Three 30 second spots produced using stock elements with two sets of voiceover recordings (one remote and one at the studio). Jay Nelson produced these videos with creative direction from Tim Sprague
Family Nurturing Center
Another video produced by Jay Nelson that we filmed just before the Pandemic started. We were delayed a bit in our turnaround because of all that was happening, but the video turned out great.
We filmed this series of videos with Rick McKenna of Atlantic Strategies over a year ago, but we were finally able to start completing the series a few weeks ago.
Giving Back
During this time of unrest, if you can give support to organisations or folks who need help, please do. Here are some organisations we have supported.
Suicide remains the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, and there has been a record surge in demand for Campain Against Living Miserably helpline recently… 37% more daily calls in the first week of lockdown.
The Ventilator Project
The Ventilator Project is developing a ventilator specifically designed to meet the needs of a coronavirus patient. Think of it as a stripped-down, bare-bones, version of what major companies produce. Check out their silent auction this week.
BVM Capacity Building Institute
The goal of Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute is to increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities. Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny.
Last Note
As you can see, we have been busy retooling, relearning, and developing new ways to help our clients get their message out. There is more we could add to this list but it's getting to be too long. If you have any questions about these projects or want to produce your own, contact us at any time at
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